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Stars in my eyes...

Wow Indogo, you're great. When I read someone tries to sing my favorite song of "Breaking glass" a few minutes ago I thought " Oh my god, please don't do this!!!" (o.k. I thought this of course in german). But it's 5 out of 5 :-). Carry on...

I enjoyed your Hazel tribute.x

''you were fab i saw this and instantly loved this song:)''

What thee public say.....

''Wow. That is a fantastic performance. I remember catching that on the telly first time round. That costume is amazing too. ''

''I played this vid for my wife - she really thought it was Hazel!!!! You are amazing!''

Wow - fantastic!

that was fantastic, great performance, your a star

I agree that this is a fantastic performance, and a cover version with some balls (like the original too) but can anyone tell me who Amanda Taylor is?... I guess she's on TV or something but I don't watch TV unless I have to. (I'd rather be watching stuff like this)

''I played this vid for my wife - she really thought it was Hazel!!!! You are amazing!''

''well done.. my fav hazel o conner song ...you done it proud''

''Shame they couldn't give you one more chorus like Hazel :( That is incredibly brave to take on such an intense classic. Many

''You did very good. I still lov the original but yours was very good also...''
''Great performance, you should feel proud.''

''Hmmmm.. must have been an amazing feeling, doing it!

You did great.''

"I saw this when it first aired. An excellent performance. Miss O'Connor found herself with a new fan that day ''

''That was spot on. Well Done ''

Ahh, I remember this! I was probably only about 10 at the time it was aired. It was such a hauntingly fantastic performance, and it's what introduced me to the fabulous music of Hazel O'Connor. You're seriously talented, well done!

''Yes I agree. You did a fantastic job of this song. Go get em' girl...''

''Great performance, you should feel proud.''