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Am I... acoustic...
am I.....

I love this song,I purposely wrote it not to rhyme!! it comes across as quite an angry song, but it's not....

I came to deliver you pleasure,I came to pick up your hate ,I came to do you a favour, but now it can wait....

I remember all the times that we did speak and oh how you made me
feel, anger burned up and love did fade, you're not even real..

(Am I really so dramatic for my,self satisfaction,does life need to be so manic to cause oh, such a reaction, shall I get down upon my knees and beg of you to leave, leave me alone, no,leave me alone,no)

(Am I really so pathetic that I lack such sympathy, Am I far too energetic, can you not, keep up with me, shall I get down upon my knees
and beg of you to leave, leave me alone, no no,leave me alone)

I came I delivered your pleasure,I came I suffered your pain, I did you one last favour, but now it can wait.....

Amanda Taylor
carry me...

This was another song I wrote in the peaceful harmony of Ireland,must admit it wasn't difficult to be inspired, such a beautiful place.....

carry me, soothe my pounding heart,to somewhere, wild and free, take me where, waters shine and run still,
sunsets, mountains, romance
let us be free..

(Let us run through life,no looking back, leave behind your fear, your pride, let us love and laugh 'til our hearts desire, forget all those sad, sad times we have cried, deep down inside.)

Walk with me,tell me your dreams,tell me Am I in them,you sure its me?
did I look pretty and sweet dancing up and over fluffy clouds? let us be free.

Come with me,lets swim the ocean whilst she's calm, let us dive and soar,wild and free, feel the sunshine bearing down upon your skin, let us be free.

Copyright Amanda Taylor 2002
love me not
well,love me not was the first real song I wrote,in 1999. it was to be about anyone who felt that way,for me it was about my parents, as they often left me in upright emotional turmoil!!

Is this a real love, or some fairytale, U're all I'm thinking of, are U for real? See I really love U so, But I don't know how to do it, U should already know,Or do I have to prove it? How can I prove it?

(Would U love me love me not, If and when U please, Would U give me all U've got And promise not to tease, Do U need me all the time, Always want me near Will we stand together strong Or will U disappear....)

Is this a real love Or are U just being misleading,U're all I'm thinking of,U're all I'm needing. Should I open up my heart And let U right on in, Will my emotions fall apart, Will I be broken from within?

What more can I give,Than everything I've got, For all it's worth and is, Althought it's not a lot, It's all I've got..
I wrote this one after meeting up with hazel'o'connor, I think her strength and directness inspired me to the full,the moment I got home I went straight up to my keyboard and wrote this. The French seemed to love it!!

its not up to me to play god, you have your own answers, its not up to me to play god, you have your own questions,
it's not up to u to play god,u go your own direction,its not up to u to play god, we make our own decisions...

I'm distraught at the thought of,your ignorance,I'm astounded that still,no one is there,no one to care..

Its not up to u to play god, please be quiet, please don't argue, no no it's not up to them to play god, though they follow, do what they do..

It's not up to us to play god, they have died by the thousands, no its not up to us to play god, they have cried by the billions..

Copyright Amanda Taylor 2000
I found it hard to ignore, how the sky looked so beautiful today,all red and golden yellow, makes me feel like I'm floating away..

Away,across the houses and the trees, away across the wild blue sea

I found it hard to ignore, how I felt so beautiful today, all happy and oh so loving, makes me feel like I'm floating away..

I found it hard to ignore , how I felt so wonderful today, all warm and tingled deep down inside, makes me feel like I'm floating away.....
BA da DA dee DA DA

A.taylor copyright 2002
I wrote this song whilst we were in Ireland, just after my son, Finn, was born. I stood holding him, gazing out of the window. the sun (a rare thing in Ireland!!) shone through the window and life for me that day just slipped into perspective.....