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Hi there, and welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy the clips.

"Hot soul Diva Amanda,sings songs of the finest,from sizzling sensation to smooth and sensual,and everywhere in between!Her voice changing to suit each song with powerful smoothness. She takes you on a journey ,leaving you feel,inspired,loved,and on a natural high''.....trempelino''

"Amanda has an amazing voice"........Hazel'O Connor

"I have been singing professionally for the past ten years.Singing is as natural to me as taking a bath,and I can't imagine myself living without it "..............amanda


Amanda Taylor, and one of the first things we learned about her was that she once appeared on 'Stars In Their Eyes'. Amid raised eyebrows, the temptation to recite 'tonight Matthew, I'm going to be ignoring your demo' was too great to resist. Wiser heads prevailed though, aided by the fact that Taylor's TV turn was in the guise of Hazel O'Connor, whose 'Breaking Glass' soundtrack is an object of some reverence round these parts. Though we didn't see the performance, it's easy to imagine her pulling it off, and well; her voice is liquid, slippery, impossible to pin down. One minute recalling Patti Smith, the next Alanis Morissette, in between she skips over the flavours of virtually every major female vocalist of the last fifty years - and that includes the jazz crowd. It's the way she uses that voice, more as an instrument than as a tool for delivering words. There's precious little real instrumentation to get in the way either, a few lacework beats, a skeletal melody recorded across a field, that's about it; it throws the focus squarely onto Taylor herself, and though I'm sure that she was singing about great, portentous subjects, I didn't hear a word - I was too busy swooning".....cool!

"THANK YOU for the beautiful music with your beautiful message. It means so much to me. From my heart to yours...Susan Jeffers"

'I loved your video of your performance, a top act if ever I saw one, your style and presentation was different, and that makes what you do, as New. In music and entertaining you have to be different to stand out from the crowd........................" Mike Wilson

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