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Some comments from people who have recieved their precious angel baby dolls......
Thankyou God

Dear hand_babies,

Just to say thank you so much, once again, for our tiny baby. It's
beautiful and means so much to us. I shall light the candle tonight, we
have a small pot with an Angel on the top bought especially for the last
one - both are now sitting together in there.
Thank you
love Sue

I just want to personally thank you for the healing baby I received. As soon as I opened the box, I instantly felt peace. Once I had the tiny little one in my hands, I felt whole again. It was a very strange feeling for me. It had been so long since I felt whole. And this tiny little creation did that for me. I showed it to my husband and while he held onto it, I said, now shes home and we can have another baby. Well wouldnt you know it, I just found out 2 days ago that I am, in fact, pregnant. After 6 years with not a single glimmer of hope. The hole I had in my heart from losing my child, had been filled and I was finally ready to move on. And now, hopefully, I get to have my dream come true and have a healthy baby in July. You'll probably never know how much this tiny little baby means to me, but I hope all my thanks and gratitude can begin to show you. I cant really afford to send a donation. But someday when times are better, I surely will. For now, I thank you soooo very much for aiding in healing my heart. I kiss the baby everynight and thank her for finding her way home to me.
Forever grateful...Jocelyn
Hi hand babies
I'm sorry it's taken so long to write this email to thank you for the amazing, beautiful parcel you sent me. In truth, for the last few years, I've felt completely numb and dead inside and hadn't cried once - not even at Jay's funeral. I think the only way I could cope was to not let myself feel anything bad at all. I'm normally an open and emotional person do this wasn't like me at all. So when I opened the parcel, I looked at it briefly, then put it away. I started counselling a few weeks back and now I finally feel that I can grieve for my son. In my first session, I cried and cried which was such a release and felt like such a positive step. And yesterday, I finally properly opened your package. I have a wicker box I've used to put momentos in - photos, foot prints, his birth certificate, cards from friends and family and some of his clothes. I got this out, picked out my favourite photos of him, lit the candle and put on the music you sent, then wrapped the beautiful little doll in his blanket, held him, and just let myself cry and cry for him.
It felt so healing and it was such a relief to be able to express this awful feeling I've had for so long. Afterwards, I packed everything away carefully in the wicker box and I know now when i need some time and space to think about Jay, I can get it out.
I cannot begin to thank you for your kindness and generosity,
With love, Katy Benson
oh, WOW!
thank you SOOO much . i curled up with my baby last night and had a good cry. but i felt so comforted. she is so beautiful! the care and love you put into that doll is wonderful. i am going to post about it on some of my message boards... the check should get to you soon... . i love my baby, and thank you so much.

Hi hand babies
I just want to say again how much I appreciate the gift you give women like me who never get to hold their angel babies.
Through your gift, we are able to start to heal in knowing we will always have a piece of our angels to remind us it was wonderful to be a parent to that baby, no matter how short lived that time was.
I really thank you for the closure you are able to give families.
Take care,
Anna Ives
Dear hand babies
Words cannot describe how beautiful & wonderful the package you sent me. Thank you SOOO much for all the amazing surprises!! You went above & beyond what I bought on your listing & I am very thankful for EVERYTHING! You made me soo very happy & I cried with joy to see all the beautiful things, especially my little Angel baby. You put a lot of details into such a small piece of art & I can tell you pour your heart & soul into this craft of yours. Everything you sent is from the heart & you want to be part of the healing process for all of us who need it. All your extra's made this an entirely different experience & I am so grateful for everything you have done. I'm going to light the candle tonight, listen to the CD & snuggle with my baby on her adorable stuffed animal next to her baby doll & say a prayer for her, all the other beautiful angels in heaven & for you and your family.
May God Bless you & your amazing heart & spirit.
Thank you again for such a beautiful & wonderful package!!!
Love, Marissa xo

Hey hand babies
I wanted to let you know that our little one arrived in the mail today! It was such perfect timing too. It just completely turned the whole day around for me and made me feel so much better. The baby is so tiny, which is exactly what our angel Neen looked like. I cannot believe that I have a little tangible baby to hold now, in his memory. I just cannot thank you enough for putting in the time and
effort to create such a lovely little baby and box for us.
I will love and cherish it always. I am keeping him up on my desk right now so that I can see him during the day, quite frequently. It just lightens my heart so much. Thank you more than I have words to express.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
hand babies, I got baby Jacob today. My husband opened the box and he was just oww awww and saying boy she is getting good isn't she. I was so impressed with this little man. He is adorable and perfect. I cannot wait to show him off. The Lord makes my heart leap every single time I see these little ones. He has given you such a wonderful gift. I love baby Jacob!!! Precious. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

hand babies, my name is Bethany...I'm the mother to the baby (Blessing) whose pictures are on Jill's site. Jill forwarded me your email, and I just wanted to tell you that I got a chance to look at your website and I think that what you are doing for mothers who have lost a child is so wonderful and such a gift from God.
 Thank you for sharing your beautiful works of love.
hey hand babies
i wish everyone knew about your site.... i just think it's lovely, and i think it's a great memento for women to have.. especially if they didn't have much to remind them of their babies.. i know i dont have a lot.. i have ultrasound pictures, but some women dont even get that.
it was a good cry that i had... i get that way from time to time, i just need to get the pressure out. but i am definately posting this on the website when i get a chance. my baby is absolutely wonderful! thank you again!
 you are an angel.
Hi hand babies
I got my little angel last week and I was so happy to get her! I got to the car and opened my package and then the tears came. It was so precious. I lost her in May, 16 years ago, and your little angel came just in time. Thank you so much. It has really touched my heart. You truly have a gift!

hi, i recieved my hand babies a few months back would just like to say once again how much of a comfort they bring, even my 3 year old loves them and knows they are special, xxxxxx
Dear hand babies
Thank you for my baby thank you helping me heal from
the loss. Even though I am devastated seeing and holding my healing baby it has given me a new hope a hope that one day I will be with my baby in heaven. The loss of my baby left my arms empty but you have given me a full hand and a hopeful heart my baby is beutaful. As I
examined it for the frist time I was in all. With a closer look I noticed a finger print on it.
 Amanda may the lord bless you as you put finger prints on the lives of others
love and hope
hand babies, my precious Jayden has arrived to his Mommy safe and sound! The best part of all is that he arrived on the 2-year anniversary of my due date. Wow...if God didn't have something to do with that! I was shaking like a leaf trying to open the box. My heart was beating a thousand beats a minute. I opened the box to find my perfect beautiful baby Jayden that I have been waiting for over two years for. To be able to hold my baby in my arms...what an amazing feeling. Jayden arived 2 days ago, and hasn't left my side since. Thank you so much, sweetheart! I could never possibly thank you enough!

It's October 25th and I just wanna thank you for making my day. Today my baby came to me....right on his due date....
His big brother was also given to me right on his due date!
I thought today was going to be such a horrible day....but having my lil baby in my hands and lighting his little candle to remember him by just made today complete.
Thank you so much!
Hi hand babies,I got your package today. Thank you so very much. I will cherish it forever.I think what you are doing with these precious angels is awesome.I know the Lord will bless you richly. Take care and God Bless you

Hi hand babies,
I got my baby today. It's so tiny! I love it though, it's great. Thank you so much...................it's wonderful.
Thank you again so much!
I received sweet baby Damion on Wednesday, one day before my sons original due date. The pictures that you sent did him no justice, he is absolutely amazing and I can not find the words to thank you. I opened the box and a clay image of my son stared me in the face, tears were inevitable. He is so soft and sweet, and I held him for hours before putting him down. He is the same size as Damion, and same weight. I can truely tell that your heart and soul was put into to making this sweet doll for me. And the thought of you making this for me overwhelms me. I am truely grateful! You are a blessing to me . Damions due date was hard, and I lite candles and sent him ballons to heaven. And for the most part of the day I held Baby Damion, and listened to your cd. You have an amazing beautiful voice. Amazing Grace was the song my preacher sang at Damions funeral service. When you sing that song it takes mes back to that day when I layed my only child to rest. And at first it hurt so bad but as I put the song on repeat I felt peace grow within me. For God grace is amazing, and your voice warmed my heart and allowed me to let some of the anger and pain go away. I love you , and I thank you with my whole heart.

My Dearest hand babies I just collected my mail and my Darling little Baby Levi arrived today. There is no words to express how I feel right now, I cannot stop the tears as I grieve for the tiny baby I lost 38 yrs ago on the 15th of June 1966. Isn't it strange that I can remember the date? But it is a date that is forever burned in my memory. When I opened up the tiny little package, so many things came flooding over me, all the things that he missed by not being apart of my life. His 3 brothers and 2 sisters that he never got to know, marriage and a family like the other kids have, and just the wonderment of life. And I also have realized that I have never really grieved for the loss of my tiny child, and that by you sending me this very special gift that I am now able to grieve for him, somehow seeing him has brought him back to me in a more real sense than he has ever been. There is no way hand babies that I can ever repay you for what you have done for me, I love you Sweet Amanda with all my heart and I will never ever forget the act of love that you have given me. I have to go now as I cannot stop the tears and can't see the keyboard, I love ya,
My package was waiting on me. She took my breath when i looked upon her face. She's everything I could have ever dreamed she would be. "Isabella"
When I took her hat back and seen her hair I gasped..i just couldn't believe how beautiful and detailed she was.
My step-grandaughter Brittany fell in love with her. she's been my G.D. for 12 years and is just like my own. everytime she walks in and out of the room she has to check on Bella and give her love. We went shopping
today after my doctors appt. and picked out a basket for Bella.
Hopefully Brittany and i can work on her bed tomorrow.
...Bella will be with me until I die and then I'll pass her down to my grandson brady. Brady is 10 and fell in love with her too. he helps me crochet for the babes and we talk about the babes all the time so i know he
will love bella always. Not in a sissy way but like a father. thank you for blessing me and I'm asking our Father above to bless you and your family always.
hand babies, each time I gaze at my precious angel baby you kindly made from the depth of your true heart, a wave of healing rushes through me, from tip to toe, and for that I am so very grateful.I have so much love for you,not only are you a wonderful artist, but a beautiful soul, a true person with a genuine love and care for those around you and I feel blessed to be a part of your life.thankyou x

hand babies, She's here!!! Whew! She is perfect. It felt so good to hold her and see my daughter Julionna hold her. I told her that when she gets older I would give her, her sister [angel doll] I feel so blessed and I love her. She is perfect. I cannot wait to show her off. The little baby is perfect too. You said
that one is 12 weeks right? I want to keep track so I can display them correctly.
I want to thank you again and I feel so blessed to finally have her in my arms. She is amazing. Thank you so very much.
Your amazing. My angel Friend forever!!! I am going to hold her now....