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sweet words
Muito obrigado senhor!
muito obrigado pelo me deste
muito obrigado pelo que me das...


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HAND Memorials
Thu 02 Aug 12

In memory of those littles ones who couldn't be with us....

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Little Angels in Heaven
How I miss you so.
Each new life....no matter how fragile or brief....
Changes the World.

we now offer a baby memorial set which includes:
* butterfly
* card
this is free with option of donation
you can add this to your angel's memorial box/collection with love xx

The Halo Garden is a place of beauty,love and healing,a wonderful place to find peace and beauty....

add a square to this beautiful online patchwork quilt,it is amazing....

stop by this beautiful site,find love,support and reasurance and be sure to sign the guestbook to let these loving people know you stopped by...

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