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Champions keep playing
until they get it right.
-- Billy Jean King



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23 Aug - 21:53
Praise God for this day... nice warm weather

20 Aug - 23:10
NP sweet mumkin. Your company is lovely. I apologize again for late respons!

15 Aug - 18:03
sorry for slow reesponses on forum..I am back

15 Aug - 17:48
Hewwo Sorry about VERY late reply, but thankyou for these quotes

I shall contribute. Can't remember who wrote this...

"Your religion should be less of a theory, and more of a love affair."

15 Aug - 17:43
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
― Jim Rohn

11 Aug - 20:12
“Don't ever give up.
Don't ever give in.
Don't ever stop trying.
Don't ever sell out.
And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,
pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off.
But never, ever, ever give up.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

11 Aug - 13:55
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

27 Jul - 01:37
I love you

15 Jul - 02:38
here's to a new day xxxx

05 Jul - 17:51
birthday was great

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48 - The Squeewee Chronicles - Cousin Mesh-Mish
Finn C. M. Beauchamp
Tue 08 Mar 16
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    Waking up, yawning, and sending an insulting text to Finn, Squeewee rolled himself out of bed, falling and bouncing on the floor. Remembering to open his eyes, he yawned again. His stomach then made him remember what he should do - Eat.

    So he stepped onto the escalator he had installed for himself and Squiglet, making his way down the stairs steadily. He smiled and waved to Squiglet on the way down, before stepping off and making his way into the kitchen.

    Climbing up the ladder he had installed, he yawned one more time, before deciding to create for himself an apricot jam sandwich. Then, a terrible sight took his eye.

    Before him, laid a toppled and emptied apricot jam jar. His eyes widened, and he quickly activated the alarm he had installed - the Jam alert. Alarm bells rang throughout the house. Squiglet, tired after a sleepless night, ran as fast as his small yellow legs could take him.

    When he had climbed the ladder, and of course turned off the Jam alarm, he was speechless at the sight that lay before him. Who would be so brash to take jam from innocent squeebrews?

    “Squiglet,” started Squeewee, “we need to put on our thinking caps.”

    “Agreed.” he replied.

    With a gradual pace they walked back to the escalator, at the top of which was a cupboard that only Squeewee had the key to open. It was the Chamber of Thinking Caps. Squeewee unlocked it, and swung the door open.

    Inside, there were numerous hats, all of which were specialized Squeebrew “Thinking Caps”. These included turbans, berets, bowler hats, fedoras, Star Wars helmets and tin-foil hats.

    Squeewee wrapped his turban around his ears, and Squiglet put on his beret. Their IQs doubled immediately, and the answer came to them in a flash.

    “Cousin Mesh-Mish...” they both moaned. It was then they saw the trail of orange footprints leading to the tiny Squeebrew gym. They followed the trail, then they saw the answer.

    A squeebrew, about an inch taller than Squeewee, was laying on the exercise bike, covered in apricot jam. licking his lips, his waist was at least double that of Squiglet’s. And to top it off, he was snoring.

    They glanced at each-other. It was cousin Mesh-Mish. The cousin who had decided to eat nothing but apricot jam. And was getting sticky jam all over their expensive miniaturized exercise equipment. But why in the world was he here, of all places?

    Squeewee marched over, and shook him awake. Mesh-mish opened his eyes, screamed, and fell off the bike, knocking it over, which then catapulted Squeewee onto a treadmill, turning the “on” switch. He grabbed onto the console to steady himself, which accidentally turned the knob that caused the treadmill to go faster and faster.

    Mesh-mish stood up. He coughed, cleared his throat, and began to explain why he was here. It was a little hard to translate jam-coated native Squeebrew, so Squiglet gave me his story.

    He’d been sent here by King Squiggle so that his diet and exercise could be improved. So that he could stop eating so much jam, and also spend more time with Squeewee, Squiglet, and the numerous other characters that barely get a mention in any Squeewee stories, such as Squoobloo and the Koala Bear.

    “So... why... did... you...” panted Squeewee, still on the treadmill, “eat... our... ruddy... jam...?”

    Squeewee should have remembered that the word Mesh-mish literally means Apricot, and so he would eat nothing but apricots and apricot jam. Squeewee then flew off the treadmill, and landed in a bowl of Halal jelly.

    Squiglet sighed. This was going to make things awfully difficult for the next few months. Or years.


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