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Champions keep playing
until they get it right.
-- Billy Jean King



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23 Aug - 21:53
Praise God for this day... nice warm weather

20 Aug - 23:10
NP sweet mumkin. Your company is lovely. I apologize again for late respons!

15 Aug - 18:03
sorry for slow reesponses on forum..I am back

15 Aug - 17:48
Hewwo Sorry about VERY late reply, but thankyou for these quotes

I shall contribute. Can't remember who wrote this...

"Your religion should be less of a theory, and more of a love affair."

15 Aug - 17:43
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
― Jim Rohn

11 Aug - 20:12
“Don't ever give up.
Don't ever give in.
Don't ever stop trying.
Don't ever sell out.
And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,
pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off.
But never, ever, ever give up.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

11 Aug - 13:55
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

27 Jul - 01:37
I love you

15 Jul - 02:38
here's to a new day xxxx

05 Jul - 17:51
birthday was great

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10 - The Squeewee Chronicles - Beijing by Air
Finn C. M. Beauchamp
Sat 06 May 17
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He awoke to the sight of the rising sun, silhouetting the beauty of the Beylikduzu District. Well, however beautiful it may seem to a squeebrew who had never seen another country before.

It was six'o'clock in the morning, and already he was up, and doing his regular 1 push-up. Maybe one day he would be able to go all the way down, and back up.

After resting after his singular push-up for 20 minutes, he decided he would grab a taxi, head into Greece and then get into an airport. He had heard of these magical places where pigs could fly, and wished to visit.

So, stage 1; Find a taxi that was going to Greece, and hop into it. This would be complicated. He would have to find a guy who wanted to get to Greece, in the half an hour he would be able to go without food for.

As it would most coincidentally happens, a woman who wanted to get a taxi to Greece at 6:30 AM was waiting just 6 feet away for her taxi to arrive. The odds were larger than a watermelon to a raisin.

Squeewee's ears pricked up to the sound of a car pulling up. He got out of his teapot, and saw a bright pink Mercedes pull up. He ran as fast as his tiny legs could take him. He stopped, then turned back and pulled on his bag. He ran slightly slower than his tiny legs could take him.

He hopped onto her trouser, and gasped as the door closed. The gasp was not because the door was shut, but because the tip of her high heel was on his tiny trotter.

Luckily, Squeebrews have an extremely flexible skeleton, hence many mistaking them as crocheted. So he slowly wriggled his foot, and managed to get it out. He dropped off the clothing, and sat there, nuzzling his trotter.

His eyes slowly blinked lower and lower, due to the fact that he could not eat at this point, due to the noise. The sound of Turkish conversation slowly turned to mush, then he went to sleep.

Eight hours later, he startled awake after dreaming that all the beetroot in the world disappeared. This was the worst dream he had ever had.

When he woke, it was 2 pm, and they were near the boundaries of Greece. The taxi stopped, and she got out. He jumped out, tried to roll, and spent 5 minutes trying to  roll onto his feet.

He succeeded, and then ran as fast as he could. Just as the doors closed, he was through. The first Squeebrew in Greece.

More coincidences? This woman also ordered a taxi for the nearest hospital. He doesn't remember which one, as he couldn't speak Greek. At all. However, when the taxi arrived, he hopped in. An hour or two later, they were at an airport.

He wanted to hiss with excitement, but restrained himself. He beamed with excitement, and grabbed her trouser leg. He hissed a little when she walked. He hissed a ton when she was in the airport, being jostled by a thousand. He grabbed her suitcase, and was soon in the cargo area.

So, they were on a plane. He beamed with pleasure, and could finally have a snack. He munched on some pickled okra, and went to sleep.

When he awoke, the plane was landing, and he prepared to leave the plane. When he left the plane, it was dark. When he left the airport, he turned around, and gasped.

He did not know it yet, but he was in Beijing.

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