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So true..
I am the voice
I am the choice
I am the maker of my dreams
I am the dance
I am the chance
of inspiration as it seems

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relax and enjoy the sun
Tue 09 Jul 13

Me and sera worked quite intensively this morning,I am excited about the up and coming shows,though don't wish to be rushed,so preparing from now isn't as crazy as it may seem.My yoga session seemed harder this morning,I didn't want to do it,but I did at the same time,the curtain was lifted and the light shone just that little brighter,we made a start.The bow was the most challenging,tell you though I am getting much better at relaxing,not only at the poses but at relaxing in general.
Went over foundations,its tempting to go onto more complexed,but no,for today I shall leave it there,plus Sera is away tonight so I shall focus on conditioning with callan for this evening,conditioning and perhaps a yoga session before bed,see how it goes,make it up as I go along.I find it hard not to move,I have top admit,to just sit a while and relax,so this is part of my discipline,is to spend some time,in bed,music on,relaxing,.writing,whatever comes really.
I didnt seem to feel the need for sweets today,there's lots in,can have them any time I like,but just feel the need to relax.
My priority really,is to get my other 2 callan sessions finished and have a nice easy m3editation before bed.

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