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So true..
I am the voice
I am the choice
I am the maker of my dreams
I am the dance
I am the chance
of inspiration as it seems

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Training softly
Sat 29 Jun 13

I felt the need to rest yestersday,however I didn't wish to not train at all.My yoga sessions have become my major priority,today I shall add another kriya,I am quite looking forward to that.
I feel restless,I know my session will help.
I am devoted to my practise.
Also I have callanetics for the stomach,and bellyrolls once more,this will be my third day of belly rolling.It will be such a great feeling to be able to fully dance them.

My belly reacts quite well to my teachers instruction,today I will add a little more.I wonder how my belly and body will look and feel by this time next month.We are almost at the end of June now.

Picked up my guitar last night,was like meeting with an old friend,we have really missed eachother.I could hear my soul crying out for it,and for a couple of days made myself seemingly too busy.
I am strengthening my hands back up,learning new chords and starting life over,a new fresh start.

My left hip and knee were a bit sore yesterday,they seem much calmer and better today.My arms look longer and straighter too.The callanetics really helps with alignment.
The kundalini yoga is one of those most challenging activities I have tried,it challenges me on every evel,and I love and appreciate that.Its something I can really devote to and rely on,always there for me,never lets me down.

treat myself to a book,as its still my birthday.

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