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So true..
I am the voice
I am the choice
I am the maker of my dreams
I am the dance
I am the chance
of inspiration as it seems

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let me
Sat 30 May 09
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Let me......

Let me,kiss your hand
and let me,understand
That I appreciate your warm and tender ways
and I do love to speculate how you  live and greet  your days

I'm feeling,a little like a princess,yeh
I love basquing in ,your loing light
and here I sing a song
I sing,only for you
for you,our own,special song

somedays,I feel so  tired yeh
riers running from the depths of my eyes
and then I breath so deep
my heart feels less heay,yeh
I woke up today
and gratefully I realised


That all is happening perfectly oh so
absalutely wonderfully,
close the windown,open your eyes
and realise

That all is happening sweetly
oh so absalutely peachy
open your mouth and watch the skies
and realise

~amanda Taylor

this song I dedicate to all the people who I have walked with on this journey
especially for my mum,I hold her forever in my heart.

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