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 Thankyou God
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Sun 26 Dec 10 - 11:28PM Quote
happy and joyful

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Hello God

I know you know how much I love you
I am so grateful to know you are there
I am never feeling lonely
as I know each and every moment we do share.

your love it makes me strong
and helps me through when times seem tough
the faith you fill me with,helps me
make a song,like meditation when times seem rough.

I am grateful of all the gifts,you kindly give
each and every day,
I know I don't always show it,
but its why I am right here,right now,here today.

You make me feel loved,you help and guide me
to know just what to do,
and even when I make mistakes,
you still unconditionally love me true.

you are the only one who truelly knows me
and comforts me,with inspiration

I love you

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