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 no moving on
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Thu 07 Dec 06 - 12:42AM Quote
happy and joyful

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realy there is no moving on,the more you try to move on,the more you cant.losing your child changes you.
but!!is always a part of you,always in your heart.
hold that child close in your dreams,in your prayers,you brought your child into the world,you are always their firstmother.
dont rush yourself,dont push at yourself,accept this journey is hard,and from it you will come out a new person,but the time it takes is certainly over night.

cherish your memories
cherish your love
keep your baby safe within the depths of your heart

i will never move on joshua.

''go to college now they said!

GO TO COLLEGE!!!as if!!!!!losing you was the worse thing that ever happened to me joshua,i will never ever move on -not ever!

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