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 today is the day
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Mon 25 May 09 - 11:49AM Quote
happy and joyful

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today is the day I will write to joshua.I am very grateful to be able to write and send pictures.
thankyou God for this golden oppurtunity,I appreciate it so much,I will prepare his letter and a drawing of somekind ready for sending out in the post tomorrow.
I am grateful of joshua and the changes that his birth brought,I never thought I would ever feel grateful of what has happened yet now I do,I still feel heartache,I still miss him,but yet I am grateful of everything.
thankyou God for joshua and for the changes he makes in the life of each person he meets.he is too an angel like all of us are,I understand me and joshua have known eachother for many lifetimes,I thankyou for watching over him and his parents,his friends and loved ones....

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