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23 Dec - 00:04

16 Dec - 23:13
today is so heavy on the heart.....breathing deep xxx

19 Dec - 13:09
"One of the most important goals we strive for as parents, educators, and mental health professionals is to help children develop respect for themselves and others." While arriving at this goal takes years of patient practice, it is a vital process in which parents, teachers, and all caring adults can play a crucial and exciting role. In order to accomplish this, we must see children as worthy human beings and be sincere in dealing with them.

07 Dec - 12:22
"Gratitude is the heart's memory."

04 Apr - 19:33
love you tarts

19 Mar - 21:59
hahahahah maw haw haw
u having groovy night there or wee tarty ones

19 Mar - 21:46
family of TARTS

19 Mar - 21:45
hay amanda an mike we lov u 2 we r all loved up lol

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we eating tasty food..u?


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Let Go,Let God
Fri 31 Dec 10
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Healing - how to...

It's been around 16 years since I saw my son.And the healing,well,I am getting there gradually,slowly but surely.
I believe the best way to heal,is by having no expectations of ourselves,if we feel angry,then we feel angry,if we feel nothing,then we feel nothing...etc,the  same goes for any way you feel.Any one who has lost a child in any way,knows how different each day can be.Thing is,what do we do on those days when we just feel angry for what has happened.I believe it is vital to forgive,for some this can take some time,however my experience teaches me,that until we forgive,we can never heal.And really the only person we are hurting,blaming,angry at is ourselves.And havn't we been through enough?

It's time to let it go,accept how you feel,let it move through you,but let it go,

It is time to be kinder to yourself,allow yourself to let go,its alright,its not so frightening as it seems.To cry is to feel and to feel is to heal a friend once taught me and she is so very right.

It can get easier and does get easier as long as we can let go,and believe me its easier to let go,than to grasp on tight.
I miss Joshua more than anything,and though I know what happened,I have an idea of how they justified it being ok to take my baby away from me,I try to understand the best I can.

Now I have to trust in God,trust that he wouldn't do anything without good reason.what good reason could there be?Really I am not sure,though I trust one day I will have the answer.

When I learnt Joshua had joined the army,I felt so sad,he isn't even 18 yet..I got so angry that his adoptive mother would allow him..anyway,I stop there and hand it over to God,I let go.After so long,this is the key,to let go,to let God.

much Love

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