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Dedicated to Joshua and to all parents separated from their children...
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23 Dec - 00:04

16 Dec - 23:13
today is so heavy on the heart.....breathing deep xxx

19 Dec - 13:09
"One of the most important goals we strive for as parents, educators, and mental health professionals is to help children develop respect for themselves and others." While arriving at this goal takes years of patient practice, it is a vital process in which parents, teachers, and all caring adults can play a crucial and exciting role. In order to accomplish this, we must see children as worthy human beings and be sincere in dealing with them.

07 Dec - 12:22
"Gratitude is the heart's memory."

04 Apr - 19:33
love you tarts

19 Mar - 21:59
hahahahah maw haw haw
u having groovy night there or wee tarty ones

19 Mar - 21:46
family of TARTS

19 Mar - 21:45
hay amanda an mike we lov u 2 we r all loved up lol

19 Mar - 21:08

19 Mar - 21:03
we eating tasty food..u?


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Goodnight my darling
Wed 22 Dec 10
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journal of a mother

no matter how far in body we are apart we are always close within the heart -Amanda Taylor
Dear Joshua

Today has been a little easier,as easier as life without you here can ever be.Its so much easier when I let go,when I accept that not everything is quite as it seems.
I feel you in my heart,I feel you close.I do of course wonder,know that you often think of me,you wonder how it would be to meet.It's ok Joshua,you will know when the time is right.
I choose to forgive Wendy for her cold,short letters and her reluctance to reply and write.If only she knew how much I love you,so much that I accept you were here to be are extra special Joshua I believe because you are here to have 2 mothers.
I am proud of you,of your choices.I pray you make each choice for you,for yourself,for your heart.

Wherever you are tonight,whatever you are doing.
I pray angels surround you and connect the love from my heart right into yours.

Love always



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