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sweet words
Muito obrigado senhor!
muito obrigado pelo me deste
muito obrigado pelo que me das...


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mike Thu 02 Aug 12
Julie Clahan Sat 01 Jan 11
Memorial For my angels and my sisters angels
Robin , Matthew , Faith <3
We love you our Angels
Kerrybrownlow Thu 16 Dec 10
My Angel and my Sisters Angels
angelmummy Fri 10 Dec 10
RIP Baby Hope
My Angel baby RIP Mom and Dad miss U and love...
Babyangel Tue 07 Dec 10
Poem I wrote For Angel xx
Just A Whisper Away
My Darling daughter Angel was born on 22/06/2010 and fought to stay with us for 14 hours she grew her wings on 23/06/2010 Miss you always darling Girl xxx
Christine Sat 18 Sep 10
Amber's story
In Loving Memory of Neen Dreams Blank
This is just something that I wanted to say to my little one...I lost him in March, and he's been on my mind so much every day. I am so happy there is a place where I can express myself about him, and where I can feel like I am doing good by talking about it too.
amberfaith87 Tue 13 Jul 10
Precious Baby Varnavoula
Amanda Sun 09 Aug 09