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sweet words
Muito obrigado senhor!
muito obrigado pelo me deste
muito obrigado pelo que me das...


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10 reasons to use chilli
10 sculpting tips
12 weeks
end of first trimester
13 reasons to drink green tea
A child is born
A child is born too
A day in the life of a panda
A day in the life of a Penguin
A new day
A new song..
New world translation
All is possible...
Alms before our father
Angel baby
Art - Impressionism
babies of today...
baby number 4
I place a very high value on new life, and want it to show in my work.
Bible promises for sunday
Bible promises for you
everyday decisions
Braised vegetables
But we believe
Chili peppers
cleansing a leper
Consecration of the Believer’s Life
craving of sluggards
daily devotional
Daily wIsdom
Daily wisom
Salt of the earth
dancing with Rach day 2
love shines through the dark
day 2 we did it!!!!
Day 3 of the year
Day to be celebrated
Dear Mum...
It's been 5 years
signs and symptoms
detox signs and symptoms
Discipline your children
Disproving The Trinity
Do not be afraid
Do not judge
Do not plan for the future
Riches in heaven
Do not worry
Matthew 6:25-34
Do not worry
Do Not Worry
Matthew 6:25-34
Don't panick
Joshua 1;9
Don't Quit
Early babies...
Eat onions
10 reasons to do so!
Ecclesiates 1;1-11
eggless sponge cake
empty womb
Especially for you...
Every good gift
Extra super callan session
loving it :)
Faith in God
daily wisdom
Faithful to the end
Find a way to serve
finding Madelaine
Food Combining
whats the story?
Foods that are High in Dopamine
(From NaturalNews)
For he spoke
A night to remember
For you todayxxx
forever in picture..forever in heart
found a critique/supporter
I place a very high value on new life, and want it to show in my work.
Fulfillment of the Law and Prophets
Give and love
Give more
God loveth a cheerful giver
God's word is pure...
good fruits
good morals...
Hand babies
Hand babies
bible promises for work
Hand Babies journal
Thankyou God
he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Healing the Centurion’s Servant
healing through miscarriage
Zahra Haji
healthyness of ginger
Hearing and doing
here she is
newborn number 8
honour thy Lord
Humble yourselves
Humble yourselves
I love you still
I loved you from the start
I will not leave you
In a world
Jesus Calms the storm
Jesus Comes to Jerusalem as King
Jesus Curses a Fig Tree and Clears the Temple Courts
Jesus parables
The Grain of Wheat
John 6:38
joy cometh in the morning
Hand babies
Judgement of pretenders
Just a thought
Just a thought
what a difference a day makes
Just for one day
Lasting treasure
less can be more
let it shine...
Let love be
Romans 12:9
Let love be
Let the adventure begin
Jesus Calms the Storm
Let your light shine
Let your light so shine
Let's start now
Lonely without you
Love for enemies
Love of Jesus
matthew 9;36
Love these verses
Mathew 6;19
Molasses porridge
rich and satisfying
Morning power questions
Anthony Robbins
to help me get started..and follow through
My angels
Mother of angels
My Baby
My favourite things
my hiding place
My journey through the bible...
My perfect child
with Love
Nina Simone
Ok to cry
On the boat
Jesus parable
pampering-my list
patience and comfort
pictures...clearing out the bathroom
getting a grip...getting 2 :)
poor is the one
Take care of your soul
Praise to the Lord
private prayer
progress so far
fresh born project
proper fasting
Proverb for thought..
proverb of the day
proverbs to inspire work
whistle whilst you work...
Psalm 1
Good News Bible
Psalm 1
New world translation
Psalm 101
Psalm 103;1
psalm 103;1
Psalm 104
Psalm 11
Psalm 139
Good news Bible
Psalm 146
The Lord,the only saviour
psalm 1;1-2
Psalm 2
psalm 26
Psalm 3
psalm 51/salmi 51
Psalm 56
New International Version (NIV)
PSALM 56 2-4
psalm 63
praise the Lord
Psalm 70
Good News Bible
Psalm 7:17 I will praise the LORD
Psalm 91
Pure-hearted Giving
restless nights
sad in spirit
sadly miscarried
Salt and light
sculpted baby plans
Sea Ships
beautiful moment
secret of..
serve God
serve the Lord
simple food,good food.
so beautiful
diligence is elegance
So God created man
some verses to uplift
Son of God
speak of thy righteousness
Special little lady..
22 weeks gestation..
stay focused
strange day
such thoughts about...
sweet baby
know this
sweet hand babies
sweet pikkies
Tiny baby
Todays baby...
Todays baby...
18 week baby girl...
Unconditional Love
Veggie squares
so tasty
verses to help you to feel better
Your love
Your need to take refuge
relax and breath deeper...