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Muito obrigado senhor!
muito obrigado pelo me deste
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Take your time
mim mumkin
Tue 23 Jun 15
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one step at a time the journey is made -hand babies

There's something
not to be missed
which brings
daily bliss
it's the normality
of life
that makes me smile.
When I am all
and I think of all
I have known,
I take a look
around my room
and take in
every sight.
pictures on the wall
made with love
and glee
pictures of happy memories
what a gift life
can be.
The rains are long behind us
the storms have passed away
I sit here
with you in my heart
and get excited for
the new day.
One day at a time
one moment in time
Time is a strange thing
sometimes passes fast
sometimes slow
the love in life
is all I know.
It;s the normal things in life
that bring the joy
to the sorrow
it's having faith in today
with no worry of tomorrow.
Our favourite movie
our favourite meal,
our favourite book,
our favourite look,
all to be embraced
if this life is
to be faced.

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