Title: life with a dragon
by amanda taylor ,finn beauchamp and jaylke beauchamp
Thu 23 Apr 09 - 11:06PM

once upon a tinkletown time.
jayke and finn were going to bed.suddenly they saw a dragon was already sleeping...in their bed!!!!!
superman was having some supper downstairs.he was chatting to mummy and daddy about local things.
the dragon was way too big for the bed,so he had oushed all the beds in the house together,singed them!!!!!and made one HUGE bed just for himself..
captain underpants was in the bath.he was singing and admiring the soap,it was indian after all.
Finn and Jayke looked,and they saw he had joined together all the wooden bits of the bed to make a big wooden bed just for them,they tried laying down on it but it was too hard...
Jayke suggested that because the bed was too hard,they could sneak off to saturn,theres beds there apparantly.
mum didnt realy like them sneaking off to saturn at that time of night,especially not in their jamas.
she fginished chatting with superman,and wqent up to tuck the boys in...

''oh my...a visitor''said mum.
finn told mum what their dragon guest had done,they did not know what to do!!!

jayke came back from saturn,he was so quick no one had seen him go!!!he was happy to be back on earth.
mum made him apple juice and asked him all about his adventure.

suddenly finn had quite a snuffley nose,so mum gave him some eucolyptus oil.
and then he had the hic cups.
everyone else joined in with their own version of the hicups,in good rythm.

even dad joined in.dad was teaching superman to kung pow.
mum had slipped off to a meeting with the girls,superwoman and wonderwoman,they liked to get together once a week.

finn and jayke snuggled up with their friendly dragon,who still needed a name.they decided they would be best friends ever and ever always.they loved him right away and hoped he was a vegetarian.

after a long and snudgey sleep,the dragon,who we will name dragon,awoke with a start!!!he leapt up and finn and jaykje had a a flying lesson...splat to the wall they did go!!!

birds flew around their heads,they were chuffed.

mum and dad were resting in the restroom.being slobs,nothing new there.

but at the big sound of SPLAT!!!!they woke up with a big start as well sal!!!!