Title: 47 - The Squeewee Chronicles - Squeeborn Skies
by Finn C. M. Beauchamp
Tue 08 Mar 16 - 06:24PM

"It'sh the ciiiiiiiiiiiiiircle of squiiiiish!" sang out Squeewee, as Squiglet held up Squeewee's newly adopted Squeeborn.

"Squewee, why am I shtood on a rock?"


Squiglet sighed. Squeewee had just adopted his squeeborn, and now Squiglet was doing much of the work, when he needed to practise his Jazz Saxophone skills.

Squiglet was, as just mentioned, now a professional Jazz musician, who often played in the areas of Essex. Including Colchester Town, in the pizza shop. He always wore shades, and Squeewee always did a hidden slow-motion dance to it.

So, on Squeewee's side, he now had many animals, including a former Shaolin Monkey, several sheep, and recently a Sweet N Sour Chicken.

Now, many happy days were spent chasing sheep around and around hills, now with squiglet carrying the Squeeborn who was an inch tall, and a light blue. Sweet.

"Woo! Woo!" called the Squeeborn.

Squiglet put him back in the cot, which was shaped like a large cheesecake. Squeewee was browsing through several travel magazines, looking for Squeeborn-friendly locations.

A vegan yellow bear named Chekvoy gazed on from the shelf. He sighed. He had stayed up there after hearing the stories of all of Squeewee's clones. And from what he had seen, they were true.

He was from a very tiny island off the coast of Devon. Tinier than Isqueel. There were only 10 inhabitants, 9 after Chekvoy's relocation to England, as on this island, veganism kind of didn't work, as they lived on the milk of 10 tiny crochet cows.

It was known as Udder Reef.

But that's an entirely different point. The point was that the house has become rather more busy. With Squeewee reactivating the Lab Rador for a while, there was now 97,000 squeewee clones throughout the world. Also, Papakoalabear of Australia had decided to play Didgeridoo with Squiglet, after a long recluse

From Squeewee, of course.

So yes, the home was rather full. Hence Squeewee's decision to go on a holiday with a few clones of himself. He decided that he couldn't disagree with them because they were Him. Or was he them?



He had decided it must be somewhere full of cheesecake, preferably somewhere warm, with an average Squeebrew population. Then he saw perfection. A house full of squeebrews!

It was said to meet up at Heathrow airport, then a squeebrew coach would be arranged to take them to their destination. While England was not his first idea, he went along with it.

So, off went Squeewee (42) with 4 others (23, 31, 56, 71) into a taxi to get to Heathrow. Humming Squeebrew songs all the way there, it soon dawned that they were approaching the airport.

Giggling like small children, they climbed out. Then, they saw who was waiting for them.

Surprise surprise, another Squeewee!

Smiling, he saluted them, then escorted them to the coach. A hot fudge cheesecake was served on the coach, causing chocolate to stain nearly every inch of the pure-white interior.

Covered in chocolate sauce and cheese, the 5 Squeewees laid down in the back seats and snored loudly, often waking themselves up from sleep. The coach continued...

A few hours later, the coach stopped, startling them awake with the sound of an oven closing. The immediately ran to the front of the coach, to their tour guide, who happened to be the 45,675th Squeewee, to escort them.

They left, and saw an awfully familiar location. "That'sh Engyand!!!" said one of them, shrugging.

They then continued inside. Stepping onto the new escalator, they went up 12 steps...

"There'sh 12 shtepsh were we yive!" said one.

"That'sh Engyand!" said the other.

Then, as they entered a door, they saw hundreds of Squeewees around the room, all with sheep by their side and cheesecake in hand.

"You're back quick!" one of them said, crumbs flying from the mouth.


"Welcome back Squeeweesh" said Squiglet, warmly. He placed the Squeeborn in Squeewee 31's hands.

Grinning, he turned to the crowd. "Cheesecake for all!"

They cheered, and Squiglet left, to go and practice his Saxophone.