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Champions keep playing
until they get it right.
-- Billy Jean King



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23 Aug - 21:53
Praise God for this day... nice warm weather

20 Aug - 23:10
NP sweet mumkin. Your company is lovely. I apologize again for late respons!

15 Aug - 18:03
sorry for slow reesponses on forum..I am back

15 Aug - 17:48
Hewwo Sorry about VERY late reply, but thankyou for these quotes

I shall contribute. Can't remember who wrote this...

"Your religion should be less of a theory, and more of a love affair."

15 Aug - 17:43
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
― Jim Rohn

11 Aug - 20:12
“Don't ever give up.
Don't ever give in.
Don't ever stop trying.
Don't ever sell out.
And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,
pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off.
But never, ever, ever give up.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

11 Aug - 13:55
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

27 Jul - 01:37
I love you

15 Jul - 02:38
here's to a new day xxxx

05 Jul - 17:51
birthday was great

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33 - The Squeewee Chronicles - Safety in Numbers
Finn C. M. Beauchamp
Sat 21 Mar 15
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18th of March, 2015, His Hiney
Squeewee stepped onto a yellow toothpaste box. He cleared his throat,
and observed his new-found audience.

Maybe new-found isn't the right word.

In fact, his audience was 50 perfect clones of himself, however all
slightly different in size, with Squeewee 50 only half-an-inch tall.

The reason why they were here was this; after Squeewee sorted a few of
his rather strange problems out, he decided he was so perfect he would
bless the world with 49 more of himself.

Sadly, each one got slightly smaller. And cuter. But, to Squeewee (who
is now studying the chemical composition of Cheesecake), they were still
perfect. Because they were him.

The him's in front of him were in 5 rows of ten, in order of size. Their busy chatting sounded like a strange hissing hum.

Squeewee wiped his brow, swallowed, and then started to speak.

"Lend yourshelvsh your earsh!" he called out. He scratched his head, not quite understanding what he was on about.

The other 49 were equally confused, not quite understanding what
Squeewee was on about. But then again, Squeewee was them. And they were
Squeewee, but they were not THE Squeewee. But they all considered

Oh dear, I feel quite quesy.

"Me, ehm, I beyeeve that thish ish fairyee confushing. Sho, I shall now give me namesh!" said Squeewee, cross-eyed.

Polite applause ensues.

"Firsht Shqueebrew, shtand!"

The first and largest(well, second) stood.

"You are now, Shqueewee 2!"

The other 48 Squeebrews cheered. Squeewee two put his nametag on, and scrawled the number two after the name "Squeewee".

"Squeewee 3!"

And so on. So, after a long and mind-bending amount of time naming
clones, Squeewee(1) decided to break the mood by announcing a
traditional wet-sponge fight.

"That'sh a daft idea!" yelled Squeewee(28).

"Don't doh ith! I'ww win and embareshh everyone!" called out Squeewee(48).

"The chef shendsh-" started Squiglet, as he wandered in with a new
cheesecake. Seeing the crowd of Squeewees, he dropped the cheesecake.

The original Squeewee realised this; they would also need a lot more training before they could ever be as perfect as him.

And also, a lot more cheesecake.


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