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Champions keep playing
until they get it right.
-- Billy Jean King



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23 Aug - 21:53
Praise God for this day... nice warm weather

20 Aug - 23:10
NP sweet mumkin. Your company is lovely. I apologize again for late respons!

15 Aug - 18:03
sorry for slow reesponses on forum..I am back

15 Aug - 17:48
Hewwo Sorry about VERY late reply, but thankyou for these quotes

I shall contribute. Can't remember who wrote this...

"Your religion should be less of a theory, and more of a love affair."

15 Aug - 17:43
“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
― Jim Rohn

11 Aug - 20:12
“Don't ever give up.
Don't ever give in.
Don't ever stop trying.
Don't ever sell out.
And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,
pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off.
But never, ever, ever give up.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich

11 Aug - 13:55
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese Proverb

27 Jul - 01:37
I love you

15 Jul - 02:38
here's to a new day xxxx

05 Jul - 17:51
birthday was great

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23 - The Squeewee Chronicles - The Origin of "CheesyChips"
Finn C. M. Beauchamp
Mon 12 Jan 15
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January 7th, 2015. Squeewee staggered into his basket, holding the seventh book on the performing arts that day. There had been the decision a week ago, starting at sometime near April, he was to give a worldwide concert...

"CheesyChips" was the name it bore. He advertised it on EternallySlippers and on YouTube. He sold tickets on eBay, and put up posters.

He was already receiving massive publicity. So he had ordered books from the library in Squeebrew-size on singing, performing, and generally being great on stage.

Sadly, these books were heavy. He decided that instead of doing his 2 push-ups a day, he would simply read one of these books.

He hissed/hummed to himself as he sat down on his cushion, a newly-crocheted cape/blanket draped around him, hooked over his bowtie. Squiglet stared at a bottle of juice, because it said "concentrate".

"Shquigyet, I need your hewp one moment."

"Yesh, Shqueewee?"

"I need hewp writing my shpeesh. Any ideash?"

"You're all great. Finn's daft. The end."


Squeewee jotted it down in his notebook. He had until round-about-April before he went for his first performance in Isqueel, the 197th country of the world. He would spend a week in each, plus travel time.

The tour would last years. And he had to choreograph everything. Well, actually, thats not quite true. Everyone in Isqueel offered to organize everything but his voice. His reply was that he was Great, so he needed no help.

He was now sweating simply lifting his pencil. It turned out to be a chopstick when he began writing. Stressed, he picked up his noodles and devoured them with a nice pair of pencils.

 Wondered what the profound cinnamon taste was, he pondered on what in the world he would do. Clownery? Juggling? Throat singing? Brazilian Chess-playing break-dancers?

He decided to demand Finn to make him a cup of tea to bathe in, and demanded Squiglet passed him his PSP. When both didn't obey, he asked in his finest British accent. It sounded more like an Egyptian accent, but they obeyed anyway.

So, CheesyChips. He started out by buying a Laser Printer for 2p. The guy on eBay said "slightly-used Canon Printer; got hit with a laser;". So Squeewee assumed he meant Laser Printer.

He then pulled himself into the Earl Grey, and played "Sheep Rider" on PSP. He then got bored, and juggled it instead. "Oooooshch..." he sighed.

"Why ish thish epishode sho  boring?" he asked, breaking the Fourth Wall.

Squeewee, please don't break that wall. I just painted it.

"Finn! Where are you?"

Squeewee, please!

"Finnh, I know yourh deshperateyy trying to spishe thish epishode up with shtrange humor. I dont yike it."

Oh Squeewee...

"FINNH!" he then threw a wet digestive at the author. "Shplooosh!"


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